The Importance of Green Cleaning

Protecting the environment, your home, and your family starts with what kind of cleaning products you use.


As time has gone by, it’s become more and more important to use products, foods, and supplies that aren’t harmful to you or the environment. Even with this increased awareness, many people are still choosing convenience, especially with cleaning.


Wiping away germs and sanitizing dirty areas of your home can only be done effectively with harsh chemicals, right? Actually, a lot of green cleaning products can be just as effective without the harmful ingredients. Making the switch can be as simple as doing your research and finding what brands to buy and where you can get them. Instead of picking just anything off of the shelf at the grocery store, you can now train yourself to be conscious of what you use.


What are the benefits of going green?


  • Environmentally friendly- Right off the bat, the chemicals you’re using in your cleaning supplies leak into the surfaces you use them on and also into the air. Not only is this not good for the people breathing them in, but these chemicals also contribute to issues like smog, deterioration of the atmosphere, and climate change.
  • Protecting those living in the house- The products you use can be absorbed into the skin and can be damaging, especially if you touch sensitive areas after using them, such as your eyes. Inhaling these toxic ingredients can lead to chronic illnesses. Eating off of surfaces that have been wiped down with harsh chemicals means you or your kids might be directly ingesting those chemicals.
  • No chemical odor- Living in a home with that heavy, powerful stench of cleaner can be a lot on a sensitive respiratory system. In contrast, most natural cleaning products have essential oils or natural scents that are excellent for aromatherapy.
  • No antibacterial ingredients- Most people buy products that have an “antibacterial” component to them, but do they actually work? According to the FDA, antibacterial cleaners don’t do anything more than what regular soaps do.


When considering how to go green, always remember that taking the time to learn about products and their ingredients can help you, your family, and the environment in the long run. Or if you’d like to take a shortcut, simply outsource your cleaning to a company that already uses green cleaning products, like The Cooperative Cleaning Company! If you want more information about green cleaning or need a company that believes in it, contact us today.