Cooperative Cleaning was founded with a simple goal in mind: deliver superior and environmentally responsible service to its clients and provide its employees a respectful, stable environment with compensation and benefits exceeding the industry average.


Coronavirus Mitigation Service

We know this is a worrisome time for everyone and we want you to know that we are taking it very seriously and the steps we are taking to protect our employees and our clients.

Our Story

For over 30 years the Cooperative Cleaning Company has been caring for the most discriminating clients in southern Marin County and the East Bay who value highly personalized services. Founded in 1987, Cooperative Cleaning continues to be rated among the top 10 cleaning services in the entire San Francisco Bay Area by a well known consumer service rating agency.

Consistency & Reliability

We work in teams and employ an approach to home care which, when coupled with the right environmentally safe products, tools and training, gives our clients the confidence that they will see the same result every time we come. We have a demanding clientele who expect the best and there is no reasonable request we will not consider.

"Bright White!"

Our "Bright White!" offering is the most thorough deep cleaning service we offer. In addition to being perfect for move in/move out situations, it's for when you feel your home needs a lot of extra care, such as when you want a true "Spring" cleaning service.


Subscription Service is designed to keep recently cleaned home in immaculate condition. Together or apart from our optional laundry pick-up and delivery service, it's recommended for clients who depend on a complete cleaning maintenance service.

Carpet "Dry" Cleaning

We use the HOST "Dry" Extraction Carpet Cleaning process, which leaves no chemical residue. HOST is an organic environmentally responsible product, that works similar to your ordinary kitchen sponge.

Our Creative Side




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Creative Minds


[Bi-weekly since 3/2021] “…Just wanted to say how happy we are with our service! [Our team is] …friendly, polite, and do a great job cleaning. They are thoughtful about how they do things and always go the extra mile to make everything just so! And our dog loves them! We have been wishing for cleaners like yours for years!…”

- Nicole T., Mill Valley -

[Bi-weekly client since 6/2021] “…I wanted to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the team. They’re doing a fabulous job. Thank you for signing them to me…”

- Leslie L., Tiburon -

[Once every 4 weeks since July 2015] “…Dear Mike, I had wanted to send word sooner, apologies. Just wish to relay that [the team] did a fantastic job two weeks ago. Punctual, professional, thorough and thoughtful. The house was spotless and in wonderful order…”

- Maria M., Richmond -

[Every 4 weeks since May 2021] “…[The team leader] and her team just left after completing an amazing amazing job! Just wanted to let you know. We’re pretty sure our house hasn’t been this clean since we moved in, so thank you very much…”

- Renee L., Oakland -

[Bi-weekly client since March 2021] “…I want to join my husband…to thank you for the very professional & expert service your wonderful staff is providing us. Our home isn’t an easy one to clean & we are so grateful for the assistance your staff is providing us. We look forward to a long association with you. Thank you, all!…”

- Adrianne B., Sausalito -

[Monthly client since 2020] “…Dear Mike…How is this for a “problem?”  My apartment is so clean that I feel I have to tiptoe around so that I don’t disturb anything. Please tell the women that they really did a beautiful job…”

- Sondra S., Berkeley -

[Bi-weekly since 2017] “…thanks to your team for going above and beyond …Our couch was covered in clean laundry that we were not able to get folded over the weekend…[We] asked the team to ignore it, [but] when we came home … it had all been folded and neatly stacked. With the kids being home from school and all of the craziness of trying to work from home – it was obviously a huge help. …So, huge thanks …for this unnecessary and incredibly kind additional help.”

- Sonia H., Berkeley -

[Bi-weekly since 2017] “…Cooperative Cleaning has been the best company I’ve worked with over many years of using cleaning services.  You have been very reliable and flexible when needed, and the team has always done an excellent job…”

- Jeannie G., Kensington -

[Bi-weekly client since 2018]  “…As you know, we moved to Durham NC [late last year], and miss your services terribly…We absolutely loved your work — you’re one of the reasons we’d hurry back to the Bay…”

- James D., Berkeley -

[Bi-weekly client since 6/2019] “…Let me say that I simply adore [my team leader] and her team! So happy with my service…”

- Lisa F., Oakland -

[Regular “occasional” client since 2016]  “…Thanks again for sending the best team ever!  Everyone is so hardworking and nice too…As I told them, I do a happy dance every time they come…”

- Kay K., Oakland -

[Monthly since 2015]  “…first time ever having cleaners and will never try anyone else. I feel like I am royalty every time they are finished and I come home to a crisp and clean house… these good folks make my life and home brighter and highly recommend them…”

- Emily T., Point Richmond -

[Bi-weekly client since 2016] “…By the way, the team did an AMAZING job last week. When I came home, they were vacuuming the ceiling!!!!  They also made my daughter’s bedspread look so nice with texture and smoothing…”

- Lisa F., Berkeley -

[Bi-weekly client since 2017] “…After having 3 different local “green” cleaning companies that did not meet expectations, it means a lot to find a trusted and quality cleaning service that exceeds expectations…”

- Elizabeth P., Berkeley -

[Monthly since 2006] “…While it’s fresh in my mind, I just wanted to tell you, once again, how pleased we are with our cleaning team. It’s always such a pleasure to come home to a spic and span house. Please let them know we appreciate their efforts…”

- Patricia Y., Berkeley -

[Monthly since 2016] “…Among our many blessings this year, we count our Cooperative Cleaning crew.  What a wonderful group of women!  We are grateful for their diligence and friendliness.  It is a pleasure to welcome them into our home.  Their hard work allows us to relax and spend more time with our special needs son…”

- Rita C., Alameda -

[Bi-weekly since 2014] “The ladies who come to our house are…spectacular.  Very polite, very efficient, friendly yet still staying on task, and very pleasant to be around… Imagine my delight when I came home yesterday…Attached is a picture of my now-designer bedroom thanks to your wonderful crew…They should be greatly appreciated and valued for their work ethic as they are fabulous at whatever task they undertake.”

- Steve B., Oakland -

[Bi-weekly since 2014] “…You guys are the best!! I am in heaven every Thursday, thanks to you and your crew!!…”

- Judith G., Oakland -

[Monthly since 2014] “…Mike, I’m just calling to say how amazing your people are!  That’s all I’m calling for.  I just want you to know they are fabulous!…”

- Karen C., Berkeley -

[Bi-weekly client since 2015]“…Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our home after your team cleaned it!…In the days since the first cleaning, we’ve continued to notice many other things your team did well (shoes covered, cleaning our sliding glass doors in our living room, etc.)…Thank you for the great service…”

- Joellyn M., Oakland -

[Monthly client since 1991] “…It’s been decades and nothing has every been broken, nothing has every been missing, my house is clean…If only everything in my life were as wonderful as you…”

- Connie E., Berkeley -

[‘Occasional’ client since 2001] “…Yesterday [Cooperative Cleaning] visited. Today I feel like the Queen of Clean!…”

- Judy B., Albany -

[Monthly client since 2009] “…it’s the best day of the month when I come home and the house is so beautifully cleaned!  I appreciate it so much!..”

- Julie F., Oakland -

[Monthly client since 1987] “…I don’t have the proper words to thank you enough for all these years of service…[you have] always showed up and managed to clean around my clutter and make my home feel clean and welcoming no matter what chaos was going on in my life.  How could I possibly tell you what that has meant to me?…”

- H. Smith, Oakland -

[Bi-weekly client since 1990] “…I really appreciate your total reliability in the 23 years I have used [your service].  You’ve never missed a single day!…”

- Marian H., Piedmont -

[Bi-weekly client since 2005] “…Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide.  You make a huge difference in our lives!…”.

- Georgia F., El Cerrito -

[ Bi-weekly client since 2006] “…I appreciate your flexibility and the approach you take with your employees … I feel very safe and taken care of when [you] are in my home…”

- John S., Berkeley -

[Bi-weekly client since 2001] “…I have had a team from [CCC] clean my house bi-weekly for over 10 years.  They are flexible, responsible and affordable.  I have given gift cleans to my mom and a friend, and would recommend them highly….”

- Julia W, Oakland -

[Bi-weekly client since 1990] “…We have been with Cooperative Cleaning for over 20 years…I appreciate the continuity of service…”

- Vivian Y., Oakland -

[Bi-weekly client since 2012] “…Cooperative [is] affordable, fast, flexible and I felt completely safe and comfortable with the staff and management. Really nice people, who are wonderful to do business with. I also like the fact that they’re a small, local business with ethics and integrity….”

- Julie W., Berkeley -

Please call us at (510) 845-0003 or (628) 286-3700 for an estimate, or click the button to the right and send us a message.